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"Combining acoustic instruments with machine sounds is nothing new, of course, but the composer's treatment of mechanistic noises is like a Tinguely sculpture in its sensitivity and humor." - Guy Livingston, Paris Transatlantic



Hexnut is a contemporary band of five players that I formed as a compositional workshop, but then we started playing concerts and doing projects.  The most recent is the Wrench project coupling projections of the photographs of Edward Burtynsky with new works by David Dramm, Mayke Nas, Steve Ricks, Anthony Fiumara, Seung-Ah Oh, Jan Bas Bollen, Felipe Waller and myself.

There is more about the Wrench project on Hexnut website; here you can see and listen to our own repertoire.

Susanna Borsch – electro-recorders

Stephie Büttrich / Michaela Riener – voice and text

Gijs Levelt – trumpet

Ere Lievonen – piano

Ned McGowan – director, flute and contrabass flute

Hexnut on You Tube

 The critics said:

“One of last night’s highlights was an explosive set by Hexnut, an Amsterdam-based quintet that might be a heavy metal band concocted by Louis Andriessen and Bartók in some chilly garage.”

Monotous Forest.com, 22-3-2007

“Hexnut delighted Paradox with a surprising and exciting performance with a strong experimental twist”
“Goosebumps all over”
“Buttrich spat into the microphone”
“Hexnut doesn’t need any guitars to rock, as the ingenious interpretation of one of Vai’s guitar solos by the recorder-player demonstrated”
“An astounding performance.”

- Daan de Vries (3VOOR12 Tilburg), 11-12-2008


“‘Dog-tough’ rhythms super-tightly performed”
“The group and the audience laughed a lot during the performance”

- Mischa Andriessen, Jazzenzo.nl, 20-7-2007


“This is wild stuff...”
“If you like the music of the Bang On a Can All-Stars, I urge you to investigate the music of Hexnut…”
“Their music-making is witty and entertaining, and the musicianship is brilliant.”

- Anita Randolfi, American Recorder Magazine, September 2007


“Totally bizarre, and equally wonderful”

Hans van Lissum, Cut-Up.com, 4-6-2007

The WRENCH show

Here some photos from Hexnut's WRENCH show in Provo, Utah, taken by:
Nathalie van Empel


More about Hexnut , Wrench and Burtynsky: Hexnut

WRENCH Trailer:

Interview about WRENCH on Vrije Geluiden: