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"Combining acoustic instruments with machine sounds is nothing new, of course, but the composer's treatment of mechanistic noises is like a Tinguely sculpture in its sensitivity and humor." - Guy Livingston, Paris Transatlantic

Curriculum Vitae



Utrecht Conservatory, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, since 2010, Assistant Professor since 2015

Composition: classes, forum, individual lessons

Coordinator of Advanced Rhythm and Pulse

Coordinator of exchange program HKU / Showa University of Music (Japan)


Codarts University of the Arts Rotterdam, since 2019

Artistic Research Advisor, composers and performers

Bachelors Artistic Research, Head of composition domain


Fontys University of the Arts Tilburg, since 2020

Artistic Research Advisor, Composition and Creative Performer domains


International Rhythm Course, Utrecht Summer School, since 2019

            Rhythm workshop, on site, online and blended

            Founder and director


San Francisco State University, starting in 2021

            Advanced Rhythm and Pulse online course


Music & Technology, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, 2011-2015

Composition: classes, forum, individual lessons


Conservatory of Amsterdam, 2000-2005

Contemporary Music Through Non-Western Techniques /  Advanced Rhythm


Amsterdam University of the Arts, 2002-07

Lecturer, Art Across Borders course


Karnatic Lab Foundation, co-founder and co-artistic director, since 1999

            Concerts, festivals, ensembles, tours, workshops, record label

            Funded by the Dutch government and the city of Amsterdam, 2004-2012


Huygens-Fokker Foundation, general and artistic director, 1999-2005

            Center for microtonal music, funded by the Dutch government





The Carnegie Hall premiere of Bantammer Swing, my concerto for contrabass flute and orchestra, performed by the American Composers Orchestra, conducted by Jeffrey Milarsky, with myself playing the contrabass flute, on April 25, 2008.


Premiere and tour of the project Wrench, a choreography of music and projected photography with the photographs of Canadian environmental landscape-photographer Edward Burtynsky. As creator and artistic director I commissioned eight composers, including myself, to compose new works for Hexnut. Premiered in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam on May 22, 2011, with Burtynsky present.


Premiere of Rotterdam Concerto II, Concerto for iPad and Orchestra, performed by the Rotterdam Sinfonia, led by Conrad van Alphen with iPad soloist Keiko Shichijo. De Doelen, Rotterdam, June 1st, 2012.


The performance of my piece Sound Becomes Visible in the Form of Radiance, which centers around the bowed piano, by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, as a result of winning the Harvey Gaul Prize. July 30 and 31st, 2010 at the City Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.


Premiere of Tempest in a Teapot, for spatially setup orchestra, with audience participation, as a part of the Dutch Music Days, in the Vredenburg, Utrecht. February 16th, 2007.


Performance of Tools by the Insomnio Ensemble, which led to winning the Henrietta Bosman Prize, one of the few prizes for composers in the Netherlands. Vredenburg, Utrecht, 2004.


Return to the Cleveland Institute of Music to perform, speak and receive the Alumni Achievement Award, May 2014.


The premiere of my work Cleveland Times, at the National Flute Association’s annual flute convention in August, 2016,  performed by 8 fantastic high school soloists. Further, performing it myself for a scholarly public of Carnatic specialists and witnessing the audience conduct along in Indian style, at the Karnataka Ganakala Parishat music conference in Bangalore, 3 February, 2020.


Performance of my tape collage installation piece, Beating Heart of the City, based on self recorded sounds from the city Cologne around the Hohenzollern bridge, premiered at the Acht Brueken Festival, Cologne, in 2014.


Performance by Reiko Manabe of Torrent, for solo flute, a detailed transcription of an improvisation, in Tokyo, July 8, 2015.


Performing Brian Ferneyhough’s flute solo, Carceri de Inventione 2b, during the Tonk concert at the MATA festival at the original Film Anthology, New York, June 19th, 1998.



Doctoral Grant for Teachers, Dutch Research Council, since 2018


Newly Published Music Competition Prize for Garden of Iniquitous Creatures, National Flute Association, 2018


Newly Published Music Competition Prize for Rickshaw Zip, National Flute Association, 2016


Alumni Achievement Award, Cleveland Institute of Music, 2014


Harvey Gaul Competition, Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, winner 2009


Henriette Bosmans Prize, Netherlands composition prize, winner 2003


Finalist Gaudeamus Prize, 1999 and 2000


Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship, prizewinner, 1994





Leiden University, Orpheus Institute, DocARTES, Ghent, 2016-2021

PhD: Speed in Music
Supervisors: Henk Borgdorff, Richard Barrett, Marcel Cobussen, Rebecca Schaefer

            Supported by a Doctoral Grant for Teachers from the Dutch Research Council

            currently writing thesis, expected to finish June, 2021


Royal Conservatory The Hague, 1999-2003
            BM in composition
            with Martijn Padding and Clarence Barlow

Aspen Music Festival, 
           Fellowship as flutist of Aspen Contemporary Ensemble
           Flute lessons with Dave Shostac
           Composition lessons with George Tsontakis and Syd Hodkinson

Conservatory of Amsterdam, 1995-1998

            Advanced Studies of non-Western Music


San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 1992-1994
            MM, flute performance    
            with Tim Day


Cleveland Institute of Music, 1988-1992
            BM, flute performance
            with Jeffrey Khaner and Mary Kay Fink


Interlochen Arts Academy, 1986-1988
            High School Diploma, flute performance
            with Jacqueline Hofto

Composition masterclasses and lessons
            from Louis Andriessen, Diderik Wagenaar, Richard Barrett and Helmut Lachenmann.

Flute masterclasses and lessons
           from Anne LaBerge, Robert Dick and Julius Baker




Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

New concerto for Indian percussion (mredangam and konnakol) for BC Manjunath and The New European Ensemble, to be premiered in 2021 throughout the Netherlands.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

New work for the Youth Percussion Pool, led by Tatiana Koleva, entitled Cycle Games. First performed at the Oranjewoud Festival in 2019.


University of Missouri (USA), 2019.

New work for dance for Cherie Sampson. First performed in Utrecht in 2019 and recorded on video. Ned McGowan, flutes, Gregory Oakes, clarinets and electronic sounds.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2018. Granted without funds

New work for the Australian Ensemble Offspring, entitled Sydney Polypulse.

Premiered during the Gaudeamus Festival, 2019, Utrecht.


Muziekvoorstelling (NL), 2017.

Musical direction and a series of new pieces for Kras, a new children’s music theater piece, for clarinets, ud and draughtsman.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2017.

New microtonal work for the Fokker Organ, video and tape, based on the crank organs in the streets of Mexico City, entitled Organillero.Premiered May 13, 2018 at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam.


De Doelen, Rotterdam, (NL) 2016.

New work for Eighth Blackbird entitled Garden of Iniquitous Creatures.

The premiere tour took place in Rotterdam, Enschede and Tilburg, November 2016.


National Flute Association, (USA), 2015.

New work for flute and piano, called Cleveland Times, as a required piece for the high school soloist competition during the Flute Convention, August 2016 in San Diego CA.


Calefax (NL), 2015.

New work for Calexfax, entitled No Permission without Trespassing, performed throughout the Netherlands in 2013.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2015.

For work for Spinifex, entitled Stupid Neck Chain. Performed on tour in the Netherlands and Germany in 2016, and recorded for the Spinifex CD, Spinifex Maximus.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2015.

For work for piccolo and piano, called Rickshaw Zip, written for Ilonka Kolthof as part of the Dutch Piccolo Project. Premiered in Antwerp, Belgium on August 25th, 2015 and recorded on CD.


Hard Score (BE), 2014.

For work for fortepiano, for Keiko Shichijo, first performed at the Voorwaarts Maart / En avant Mars Festival in Ghent, 2013.


Texas Tech University, (USA), 2014.

New work for viola and tape, Volt, written for Kimberly Sparr and premiered in Amsterdam on March 26, 2015.


Acht Breuken Festival (DE), 2014.

            New installation work, called Beating Heart of the City, 1 to 11 May, 2014, Cologne.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2013.

For a set of 5 Rhythmic Etudes for piano, performed in part by Laurens de Boer.


A/B Duo, (USA), 2013.

New work for contrabass flute and percussion, called Ricochet.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2012.

New concerto for iPad and orchestra, entitled Rotterdam Concerto 2, iPad Concerto. Commissioned by the Doelen and Sinfonia Rotterdam. First performed on June 1st, 2012 and performed 8 more times in the Netherlands, Brazil and the US.


Red Ear Festival Fund (NL), 2012.

New work for the 24 piece David Kweksilber Big Band, entitled Building Music, performed at the Red Ear Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2013.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2012.

Two new jazz works for the Spinifex Orchestra, The Deccan Queen, and Stop Horn Please OK, performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2012.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2012.

New work for the orchestra Ricciotti, entitled Hydraulic Principles, performed on tour in the Netherlands in 2013. Also transcribed to a pianola piano roll and performed at the Pianola Museum, Amsterdam.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2012.

New work for flute and harp, Chamundi Hill, composed for Fluit Harp Duo, and performed on tour in the Netherlands in 2013.


Calefax (NL), 2011. €

New work for Calexfax and Eric Vloeimans, entitled Six Pièces Mécaniques, performed throughout the Netherlands in 2012.


Reiko Manabe, 2011.

New work solo flute, entitled Torrent. Dedicated to the victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, in 2011.


Huygens Fokker Foundation, 2011.

New work for Ensemble SCALA, with the Fokker Organ. Premiered in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ, Amsterdam on November 28th, 2011.


Wervelwind Ensemble (NL), 2010.

New theater chamber kids opera, for Wervelwind, entitled SMAK, performed throughout the Netherlands in 2011.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2010.

New work for Hexnut, with projected photos by Edward Burtynsky, entitled Destroy Recycle Construct, performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2011.


Karnatic Lab Foundation (NL), 2010.

New jazz work for the Spinifex Orchestra, entitled Tubanda, performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2011.


Karnatic Lab Foundation (NL), 2010.

New jazz work for the Spinifex Orchestra, entitled 896017824570385835963, performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2012.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2010.

Two new jazz works for the Spinifex Orchestra, Heads or Tails, and X, performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2011.


Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (Harvey Gaul), 2010

As winner of the Harvey Gaul competition, I composed the new work Sound Becomes Visible in the Form of Radiance, for the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, performed July 30 and 31st, 2010 at the City Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.

"[Radiance is] a radical work that reorients the listener's relationship to time...
Radiance was achieved at the end of the nearly 40-minute piece by pleasantly astringent harmony, after which the music faded away to silence."
- Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Hema Barathy Palani, 2009.

New work for dancer Hema Barathy Palani, entitled Chaaya, and performed in Bangalore, India on 8 February, 2009.


Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, 2009.

New work for sound machines, premiered during the Klank Kleur Festival, Amsterdam on 14 june, 2009.


The Brannen Fund 2008,

Meet the Composer and American Music Center’s Composer Assistance Program, 2008,

New concerto for contrabass flute and orchestra, for the American Composers Orchestra, with Ned McGowan as soloist, entitled Bantammer Swing. Premiered at Carnegie Hall on April 25, 2008 and also performed at the Annenberg Center, Philadelphia.


Recorded and appearing on the ACO’s CD, Playing it Unsafe, 2009.

"Ned McGowan, a composer and flutist, proved there's still plenty of life in old-fashioned virtuosity with "Bantammer Swing", a playful, athletic concerto for his unwieldy contrabass flute."
    - Steve Smith, New York Times


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2008.

New work for Trio Scordatura, entitled Three Amsterdam Scenes, premiered in London on March 5th, 2011.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2008.

New work for two pianos and soprano, entitled Lith,  for piano duo Post & Mulder, premiered at November music in 2009.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2008.

Series of new works, For Five, Opnieuw Leef Ik, Analytisch Leven, From You to You and Onderweg, for Gandhi Bazaar tour in the Netherlands, 2008. Texts by Nafiss Nia.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2007.

New work for Zapp String Quartet, entitled Hymn, and performed on tour in 2008.


Netherlands Flute Orchestra (NL), 2007.

New work for flute orchestra and solo contrabass flute, entitled Spectra. First performed during the Dutch Flute Festival in 2007.


MATA (Music at the Anthology), (USA), 2007.

New work for Hexnut, entitled Second City, with texts by Robert Glick. First performed at the MATA festival in 2007

Ricocheting tempi combined with sometimes acrid, piercing sonorities to conclude some of the most satisfying music of the night.” – Bruce Hodges, MusicWeb International, March 2007


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2006.

Two new works for Spinifex Orchestra, entitled Not Pseudopetiolate Triodia 2, and

Plantae Magnoliophyta Liliopsida Poales Poaceae Spinifex. Performed on tour in Europe in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and recorded on the Spinifex album, Triodia.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2006.

New work for Zephyr String Quartet, entitled Devil’s Dust, and performed in the Netherland and USA in 2007.


NPS and Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2006.

New work for the Dutch Chamber Philharmonic, conducted by Otto Tausk, entitled Tempest in a Teapot, premiered at the Vredenburg main hall on February 16th, 2007.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2005.

New work for the Axyz Ensemble, entitled Alap, and performed in the Netherland in 2006 and recorded on the album Nandi Desaru.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2005.

New work for Susanna Borsch, for recorder and tape, entitled Workshop, performed live more than 30 times throughout the world, and appearing on the CD’s: Off-limits by Susanna Borsch, and Tools: Chamber works of Ned McGowan. 

"A particularly impressive piece is Workshop by Ned McGowan... McGowan creates a wonderful environment of machine and construction 'noises', placed in timbral and rhythmic interplay with rapid, flashy recorder lines that travel into quieter sections and end exuberantly." - Tom Bickley, American Recorder


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2004.

New work for the Calefax reed quintet, entitled Wood Burn, and performed in the Netherland in 2004 by Calefax, in 2005 by Hexnut, and recorded on the album Hexnut, and the album Got Stung, by Splinter Reeds.

 "... Ned McGowan's new piece 'Wood Burn' does well and grows to the highpoint of the evening."
- Mark van de Voort, Brabants Dagblad


Grachten Festival (NL), 2004

New work for my ensemble Hexnut, for the opening concert of the 2004 Grachten Festival in Amsterdam. The piece is entitled Annabel,with texts by Annie M.G. Schmidt.


Musiscoop, 2004

New work for magic lantern, flute, viola and trombone, entitled Switch, and performed throughout the Netherlands.


Anne Faulborn/Guy Livingston, 2004.

New work for solo harpsichord or solo piano, entitled For Crying Out Loud. Recorded on the DVD, One Minute More, by Guy Livingston and released by the Transatlantic Foundation in 2008.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2001.

New work for the Interval Chamber, entitled Tusk, and recorded by Non Sequitur in 2005.


Creative Musical Arts Fund (NL), 2001.

New work for the jazz ensemble Bhedam, entitled Stone Soup, and recorded by on Bhedam’s CD, Rickshaw Chase, in 2002.


Duo Vertigo (NL), 2001.

New work for marimba duo, entitled Urban Turban, recorded on their album Vertigo One, and performed widely around the world in many arrangements.


Netherlands Flute Orchestra (NL), 1999.

New work for flute orchestra, entitled In the Land of Cheese. First performed in Utrecht in 2000 in the Fentener van Vlissingen Hall.


Tonk, Derek Bermel, 1997.

New work for Tonk, ensemble led by Derek Bermel, entitled Ios, and performed throughout the Netherlands and at the Music at the Anthology Festival in 1998.






Canberra International Music Festival (2018), World Minimal Music Festival (2018), Acht Brücken (2014), Voorwaarts Maart (2014), Bangalore International Arts Festival (2014), November Music (2009), Grachten Festival (2004), Klankkleur Festival (2009), MATA (2007), Nederlandse Muziek Dagen (2006)






American Composers Orchestra, Gelders Orkest, Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Radio Kamer Filharmonie, Ricciotti, Rotterdam Sinfonia, Valdosta Symphony Orchestra






Aleph (FR), Array Music (CA), Atlantic Chamber Ensemble , BlowUp Flute Octet (NL), Calefax (NL), David Kweksilber Big Band (NL), Eighth Blackbird (USA), Ensemble Scala (NL), Ensemble Verge, Duo Blow (AU), Flexible Music, Great Noise, Hexnut (NL), Insomnio (NL), Klang (NL), MMM…(JP), musikFabrik (DE), Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NL), Netherlands Flute Orchestra (NL), Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (USA), Post & Mulder Piano Duo (NL), Sax & Stix (NL), Spinifex (NL), Trio Scordatura (NL), Wervelwind (NL), Zapp4 String Quartet (NL), Zephyr String Quartet (NL)







Hexnut is my own contemporary band mixing new music, improvisation and theater, since 2004

Singer, flute, recorder, trumpet and piano.


Spinifex Orchestra

8 piece contemporary jazz ensemble, co-founder, since 2004


NOT Trio

Improvisation trio with Tolga Tusun and Oguz Buyukberber, since 2013


Axyz Ensemble

16 piece new music ensemble, co-founder and artistic director, 2004-2010


Messing with PVC

Balkan improv duo, 1999-2008


Non Sequitur

New music sextet formed out of the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, 1998-2006. Besides three summers performing student and professional composer’s works, we performed on tour and had residencies at Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, and the Walden School.






Full-Length Feature CD’s


The Art of the Contrabass Flute, by Ned McGowan, contrabass flute & compositions, 2016

A CD entirely with the contrabass flute, accompanied on several pieces by mredangam and piano. With my own new works Earthly Chants, for six contrabass flutes, Benson Town, with mredangam (co-written by BC Manjunath), Pan, for cb flute and live electronics, and Wurgelguik. Released on Karnatic Lab Records, KLR 027.


Tools, Chamber Works of Ned McGowan

Performed by Ned McGowan, Hexnut, Duo Vertigo, Axyz Ensemble and Bhedam.

A CD of the works Tools, Moonrise, Urban Turban, Alap, Workshop, Stone Soup, 2006, KLR 011



Recordings as composer and performer



Hexnut ensemble (singer, flute, recorder, trumpet and piano). Recordings of Tools, Wood Burn, Annabel, and others. 2007, KLR 013


Playing it Unsafe, by American Composers Orchestra, Ned McGowan, contrabass flute,

recording of Bantammer Swing, 2009


New Dialects, by clarinetist Gregory Oakes, recording of Ios Duo, 2009


Triodia, by Spinifex Orchestra, recordings of Not Pseudopetiolate..., Plantae…, 2008


Non Sequitur, by Non Sequitur, recording of Tusk, 2005


Nandi Desaru, by Axyz Ensemble, recording of Alap, 2005


Paximadi, by Messing with PVC, 2005


Rickshaw Chase, by Bhedam, recording of Stone Soup, 2001



Recordings of my works


Halo, Ilonka Kolthof & Ralph van Raat, recording of Rickshaw Zip, 2019.


Variety Show, by A/B Duo, recording of Ricochet, 2016


In Sync, by Translucent Duo, recording of Urban Turban, 2016


New Amsterdam, by Sax & Stix, recording of Urban Turban, 2015


Got Stung, by Splinter Reeds, recording of Wood Burn, 2015


Maximus, by Spinifex, recording of Stupid Neck Chain, 2015


One Minute More DVD, by Guy Livingston

            Recording of For Crying Out Loud, 2008.


Selected Recordings as Performer


Swampted, by NOT Improvisation Trio, 2018


Injured, by NOT Improvisation Trio, 2013


Stations of the Breath, by Steve Horowitz, 2009


Medcezir, by Axyz Ensemble, 2009







Karnataka Ganakala Parishat, Bangalore 2020


San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 2019


San Francisco State University, 2019


Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, 2019


University of Dayton, Ohio, 2019


Denison University, Ohio, 2019


University of California Berkeley, 2019


University of California Santa Barbara, Corwin Chair Series, 2019


Iowa State University, 2019


University of Chicago Colloquium, Chicago, 2018


Classical Next, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2018


Canberra International Music Festival, Canberra, Australia, 2018


Brigham Young University, Barlow Lecture series, Provo, 2017


University of Brasília, Concerto for iPad & Orchestra, 2016


University of Brasília, contemporary composition, 2016


PAF Summer University, time perception and rhythm, 2015


Mysore University, European classical music, India, 2014


Bilgi University, Composition & performance workshops, Istanbul, 2013


TEDx Tilburg, the Netherlands, 2012


Royal Conservatory, The Hague, the Netherlands, 2006


Brigham Young University, Provo, US, Barlow Lecture series, 2013


Walter Maas Huis, Bilthoven, the Netherlands, 2005







Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop, Traverse City, 2019


EPARM, Cluj Napoka, Romania, 2019


Worlding the Brain, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017


Timing Research Forum, Strasbourg, France, 2017


Fontys Conservatory, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2017 & 2018


Leiden University, Research Festival, 2018


Codarts Research Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2018


Univeristy of Amsterdam, Music Cognition Reading Group, 2017





CultuurmakersFonds (NL), 2020.

Granted to Ned McGowan and Guy Livingston for new works related to the corona virus lockdown. To be performed on tour throughout the Netherlands in 2020 and 2021.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

Travel grant to attend performances of my works at the Canberra International Festival of Music, intended for May, 2020, however due to the corona virus the festival has been postponed.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

Travel grant to attend performances of Cleveland Times, In the Land of Cheese, Cycle Games, Rickshaw Zip, Ricochet, throughout Ohio in November 2019.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

Travel grant to attend performances of Earthly Chants, Iowa State University in January, 2019.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2019.

Travel grant to attend performances of Earthly Chants and Ricochet, National Flute Convention, Florida, 2019.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2018.

Travel grant to attend performances of Garden of Iniquitous Creatures, performed by Eighth Blackbird at the Constellation and live on WFMT Chicago, January 2018.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2018.

Travel grant to attend performances of Hymn, Naruto Strait, and Workshop at the Canberra International Festival of Music, May, 2018.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2017.

Travel grant to attend performances of Garden of Iniquitous Creatures, performed by Eighth Blackbird in Ohai, CA, during the Lab, June, 2017.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2016.

Travel grant to attend the premiere of Cleveland Times, at the National Flute Convention, San Diego, CA, in August, 2016.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2016.

Travel grant to attend a performance of the iPad Concerto, in Brazilia, Brazil, performed on March 8, 2016 by the Orquestra do Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro, led by Claudio Cohen and with iPad soloist Rafael Ribeiro.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2014.

Travel grant to attend a performance of Ganesha Sank in Sankey Tank, a new crossover work for Western and Indian instruments. Performed in India during the Bangalore International Arts Festival, 2014.


Performing Arts Fund (NL), 2010.

Travel grant to attend a performance of Radiance, for the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, July 2010.


Rudolf Escher Fonds, Fonds voor de Podium Kunsten, Scholings Fonds (NL).

Study in India, 2006.







Ofer Ben Amots, Louis Andriessen, Elinor Armer, Derek Bermel, Douglas Boyce, Elliot Carter, George Crumb, John Harbison, Brian Ferneyhough, Rozalie Hirs, Guus Janssen, Helmut Lachenmann, Eugene Lee, James Mobberly, Bernard Rands, Steven Ricks, Ching-Chu Hu, Michael Torke, Mark Anthony Turnage, Steve Reich.




Aka Moon, American Composers Orchestra, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Axyz Ensemble, Beethoven Academie, Erie Philharmonic, Musikfabrik, Asko Schoenberg, Zapp 4 String Quartet, Canberra International Music Festival Orchestra.




Anoor Anathakrishna Sharma, Gabriel Bolkosky, George Brooks, Oguz Buyukberber, Larry Coryell, Kris Defoort, Virag Dezso, Bob Gilmore, Guy Livingston, Derek Bermel, Blair McMillan, Nathan Davis, Oene van Geel, Pravin Godkhindi, Stephen Gosling, Dr. Marshall Griffith, Wiek Hijmans, Jahnavi Jayaprakash, David Kweksilber, Eric Lyon, Ronu Majumdar, Dr. Mysore Manjunath, B.C. Manjunath, Mysore Nagaraj, Non Sequitur, Dr. Gregory Oakes, Erkan Ogur, M.K. Pranesh, Keiko Shichijo, Harry Sparnaay, Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Ghiridar Udupa, Fahrettin Yarkin






Ohio tour of solo concerts, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cincinnati College Conservatory,

Dayton University and Blu Jazz Akron, November 18 – 24, 2019.


Masterclass and concert, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 16 Dec. 2019.


Duo concert with percussionist Claire Edwards, Canberra International Music Festival, Australia, May 2, 2019.


Solo concert, flute and contrabass flute, National Flute Association Flute Convention, Orlando, 2018.


Ned McGowan Quartet, live at the Yellow Brick Road, with Theodossii Spassov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2018.


Duo concert with Keiko Shichijo, works by McGowan, Sciarrino and Lachenmann,

San Francisco Center for New Music, 2017.


Solo contrabass flute part, Caliban, Morritz Eggert, with Asko Schoenberg Ensemble, Amsterdam, 2017.


Solo contrabass concert, Classical:NEXT, Worm, Rotterdam, 2017.


Solo concert, flute and contrabass flute, Japan Flute Convention, Kawasaki, Japan 2017


Solo and group improvisation, HwaEom Spiritual Music Festival, South Korea, 2017


Drumming, with Steve Reich and the Percussion Group The Hague, Amsterdam, 2017


Studi per L’Intonazione del Mare (Sciarrino), The Singing Wall, at Dag in de Branding, Den Haag, 2016


Ricochet, at NFA Convention recital, National Flute Association Convention, San Diego, 2016


Naada – Chitra Crossover Project, Indian Music Experience, Fundraiser Concert, Chowdiah Memorial Hall,

Bangalore, 2015


Indian Tour, concerts with Dr. Suma Sudhindra, Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Pravin Ghodkindi, 2015


Winter’s Breath (Adrienne Albert), Chamundi Hill, improvisation, McGowan Duo Recital, at Flugel Hall, 2015


Contrabass flute improvisation, at Improvised Super Session, Yamate Church Shibuya, 2015


Various pieces, NOT Trio, at Thursday Meeting, STEIM, 2015


Grand fusion concert, BIAF, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore, India, 2014


With Ensemble Musikfabrik, Agora Festival, Paris, 2014


Wurgelguik, at PAN 10 – Calefax, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, 2013


Performance with Oguz Buyukberber and Tolga Tüzün, Bilgi University, 2013


Works by Raphael Cendo, with Ensemble Musikfabrik at Donaueschingen Musiktage, 2013


WRENCH, with Hexnut, at Brigham Young University, Lantaren Venster, Stadskas Maastricht, Cenakel,

Plaza Futura, Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, 2011-13


Tour Les Carnaval des Animaux (Saint-Saëns), with Zapp 4 string quartet, at De Lieve Vrouw, Felix Meritis,   Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Zeeuwse Concertzaal, De Doelen, 2013


Performances with Spinifex Orchestra, at Muziekhuis Utrecht, Baarle-Nassau, Concertgebouw,
            Café Wilhelmina, Sjuhuis, Paradox, Bimhuis, Hothouse,  De Doelen (Redsound Festival), Paradox,

Zaal 100, Festival de Affaire, Houtfestival, Bimhuis, Café Wilhelmina, 2008-12


Improvisation meets contemporary, karnatic and metal, at Spinifex Festival, with Spinifex, at Bimhuis, 2012


Performances with Spinifex and special guests, at De X, Music Meeting, Tropentheater, Paradox,

Musis Sacrum, 2012


Karnatic Lab dedicated to circular breathing, at De Badcuyp, 2012


India tour with the McGowan Duo, Bangalore, Mysore, Goa, Mumbai, India, 2012


Performance with Mysore Nagaraj, Mysore, India, 2012


Special Fusion Music, with Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Keiko Shichijo & Guiliano Modarelli, Suttur Srikshetra, 2012


Performances with Spinifex Orchestra & Dr. Suma Sudhindra, at India International Center,
            Alliance Francaise, 2012, Mundial Festival, Zaal 100, 2011


Performance with Ronu Majumdar, George Brooks, at Nehru Centre India, 2011


Performances with Larry Coryell and Mumbai Jazz, at Porgy and Bess Vienna, St. George’s Bristol,

Purcell Room London, Old Town Hall Gateshead, 2011


Tour with Spinifex, Dr. Suma Sudhindra & BC Manjunath, at India, February 2011


L’Orfeo (Monterverdi), with Dutch Baroque Ensemble and Darpana Arts company, at Ahmedabad, 2010


Performances with Hexnut at the Niederrhein Biënnale, at Arnhem, Nijmegen, Uitmarkt Amsterdam,

Paradox, 2007-10


Summer Jazz Bycicle Tour with Spinifex Orchestra, 2010


Woordmuziek with Busch, Hirs, Klein, Buis, van Heumen, Heggen, at Kunsthuis 13, 2010, Pianolab at Goethe          Institute, 2009


Messing met PVC, with Susanna Borsch, Theo van Tol, at Karnatic Lab, Badcuyp, 2010


Dating Spaces, improvisation with mime Virag Dezso, at OT301, 2010, Meteorit Theatre, 2009


Performance with Eharruyen, Casita, Vatcher, MacCarthy, at Beauforthuis, 2010


Performance with Manjunath i.a. at Shivananda Sharma Memorial Auditorium, 2010


Three Flutes Sangama, with Pranesh i.a. at Raja Rajeshwarinagar Cultural Association, and East West Festival,

Alliance Francaise, 2009


Full moon concert with Mysore Manjunath, Fred Hamilton, Ravi Khan, at Mysore, 2009


Performance with Suhindra, Anathakrishnasharma, Manjunath, at Bangalore International Arts Festival, Opus,

Ranagashankara, 2009


Chaaya, at Attakkalari International Contemporary Dance Festival, in Ranagashankara, Bangalore, India, 2009


Performances with Axyz Ensemble, at Out of Control Festival, in Hesse India, Vienna, 2009


Performances with Gregory Oakes and Yolande Harris, at Karnatic Lab, Badcuyp, 2009


Performance with Zapp String Quartet, Michiel van Dijk, Nora Mulder, at Stadsschouwburg, 2009


Medcezir, with Axyz Ensemble, at Grote Kerk Enschede, De Witte Dame Eindhoven,
            Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, RASA, 2008


ZEQ Attack++, with Van Oostrom, Loevendie, i.a., at Bimuis, Het Dolhuys, 2008


Works by Paul Termos, with Guuys Janssen i.a., at Bimhuis, 2008


Ghandi Bazaar, with B.C. Manjunath i.a. at National Museum of Ethnology, Korzo, De Lieve Vrouw, 2008


Performance with B.C. Manjunath and Enric Monfort, at La Cova de les Cultures Barcelona,
            Van Gogh Museum, 2008





English                          Native language

Dutch                            Full fluency, spoken and written

Spanish                         Basic










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