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"... the rhythmical quicksilver of Ned McGowan's Urban Turban." - Guido van Oorschot, Volkskrant

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Music links related to PhD


Here are some of my previous works which are related to my PhD research into speed in music.



Garden of iniquitous Creatures

rhythmical frame

Risset Rhythm (continuous accelerando) (7:58)


Hydraulic Principles - additive structures


Torrent - sheets of notes


Polytempo pieces, using multiple metronomes

For Bob

Building Music


Speeds of technology

Volt - electronic machine speed (computers)

Workshop - industrial machine speed


Slow Indian alap inspired pieces

Chamundi Hill

Sound Becomes Visible in the Form of Radiance




Nonlinear fast pieces

Not Pseudopetiolate Triodia 2

Plantae Magnoliophyta Liliopsida Poales Poacae Spinifex

Devil’s Dust

For Crying Out Loud




Rhythmic Etudes - Book One

Stone Soup - all septuplets



Urban Turban - changing meters

Wood Burn - part in 31/16


Hocket pieces


Second City