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"The compositions of band leader Ned McGowan, very complex in many ways, are especially well put together. Live performance also allows them to breathe enough, by optimally taking advantage of theatrical aspects[…]" - Mischa Andriessen, jazzenzo.nl

Cleveland Times


Flute & piano

Duration: 6'

Cleveland Times was commisioned by the National Flute Association for the 2016 High School Soloist Competition.

About Cleveland Times: "Once again, the range of flute writing seemed to be limitless in its imagination and technical requirements."
    - Scott MacClelland, Performing Arts Monterey Bay


Performance notes:
During rehearsal letters A and P the flutist plays multiphonics of overblown harmonics. The diamond shaped notes should be fingered and the top note should come out as a melodic line. The collection of harmonics underneath is somewhat unpredictable, but the idea is to play the top note plus as many of the lower notes as possible. Optionally, the pronounciation of this technique can be improved by adding the voice to the diamond shaped notes.

Score available from Donemus Publishing

Cleveland Times

Played by Jessica Shand and Joshua Sawicki. Jessica won the prize at the NFA competition for best interpretation!

Here's myself playing it with Keiko Shichijo on piano.

Here's a version with mredangam:

Instruction video: