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"Ned McGowan shows himself from an animated, versatile side, both compositional and performing"

 - Opduvel

Advanced Rhythm and Pulse

Since 2000 Ned McGowan has taught the course Advanced Rhythm and Pulse at the Utrecht Conservatory, the Amsterdam Conservatory, at many Universities and Conservatories around the world and also privately. Ned also organizes the yearly summer International Rhythm Course at the Utrecht Summer School.

Advanced Rhythm and Pulse is a multi-level rhythm course with three goals: to teach the student to perform basic and complex rhythms with precision and feel, to share knowledge that can be used to analyze and understand different types of rhythms, and to explore how one can apply these skills to their own musical direction.

"Based on current music practice and desire coming from students, I believe that a course solely dedicated to rhythm should be integral to general music curricula. The 20th and 21st centuries have seen great developments in area of rhythm and Advanced Rhythm and Pulse treats these developments by examining the performance practices of contemporary classical music, jazz and Indian music. As a classically trained composer and flutist with experience in jazz, Indian music and the Dalcroze method, I take a broad perspective to handle rhythm in its various forms.

An embodied knowledge of rhythm is a primary objective of the course and most of the lesson time is devoted to practice, development and understanding of the internal mechanisms to perform rhythm.  Exercises have a direct link with music practice and time is also spent on discussion and listening to musical examples in order to relativize and explore rhythmic experiences. Related issues that arise during discussions include ensemble music performance, selective listening, communication, convictions of gesture, self-awareness, the creation of one’s own daily exercise routines, and further the effect of emotions on speed and the perception of time.

The course is geared for both performances and composers."

Ned has given the Advanced Rhythm Course in private lessons and at the:

Utrecht Conservatory, Netherlands
Fontys Conservatory Tilburg, Netherlands
Conservatory of Amsterdam , Netherlands
Denison University, USA
Iowa State University, USA
Bangalore private studios
Royal Conservatory the Hague
Eighth Blackbird Lab, USA
University of Dayton, USA
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, USA
San Francisco State University, USA

Here is an etude exploring some of the basic rhythms.

Lesson together with BC Manjunath