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"An extremely clever and often amusing juxtaposition of industrial construction sounds and composed music for his instrument." - Scott MacClelland, Performing Arts Monterey Bay

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In 2016 I began work on a PhD at Leiden University / Orpheus Institute via DocARTES program. Supervisors: Henk Borgdorff, Marcel Cobussen and Richard Barrett.

Architectures of speed: reinventing the tools, functions and potentials of speed within rhythmical frames in music.


Masterclass at Music & Research Festival

I will be giving a masterclass at the Music & Research Festival at the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg.


TEDx talk at University of Tilburg about the iPad Concerto

Digital music at your fingertips: Ned McGowan and Susanna Borsch at TEDxTilburgUniversity



Is Music Universal?

Published 2015, University of Mysore

"Music is the universal language of mankind.”
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

An oft-heard statement is that music is the one true universal language. While this may be a nice phrase to promote harmony between cultures, the question arises: is it actually true? Can the same piece of music communicate the same thing to people from different cultures?