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"It's striking how free and rich the music is and how well the contrabass (flute) lends itself for this"


Translucent Duo - In Sync

Translucent Duo - In Sync
Release: August 2016

Urban Turban is being featured on Translucent Duo's new cd 'In Sync'.

Track listing:
1. Whirled Music Movement 1 (M. Orlovich)
2. Whirled Music Movement 2 (M. Orlovich)
3. Whirled Music Movement 3 (M. Orlovich)
4. Carvings (A. Chilvers)
5. Cloche (D. Barry)
6. Smoke and Mirrors (D. Blom)
70 Urban Turban (live recording) (N. McGowan)

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