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"Ned McGowan shows himself from an animated, versatile side, both compositional and performing"

 - Opduvel

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The Art of the Contrabass Flute
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“Ned McGowan, a master on the contrabass flute."

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“It’s striking how free and rich the music is and how well the contrabass lends itself for this.”

“A phenomenal technique and flawless feeling for rhythm and sound, he knows how to use it perfectly in his compositions.”


"Fantastic album! Beautiful artistic playing with rich low Flute tones. A most unique and worthy album for sure."
    Peter Sheridan

"This music is consistently refined and expert at every level, and you can feel that each aspect of the performance is based on years of preparation and experience."
    Dominy Clements

He employs extended techniques to exceptionally expand the range of the contrabass, and the expert layering of multiple tracks creates a unique sound world. (...) In Earthly Chants II, I checked to see if my floor was vibrating! (...) I enjoyed this album, from the virtuosity and beautiful sounds to the humor and complexity, it makes me want to play the contrabass flute!”
    The Flute view

“McGowan shows himself from an animated, versatile side, both compositional and performing. A lovely record with a non-everyday instrument as lead role. (...) The compositions on The Art Of The Contrabass Flute show a palpable love for the instrument.”

"The Singing Wall began in the depths, very much like the low brass at the start of Wagner’s Das Rheingold, a sonic image depicting the beginning of the world."
    Scott MacClelland, Performing Arts Monterey Bay

“Ned McGowan’s newly released CD “The Art of the Contrabass Flute” is thrillingly played and his creative voice is a perfect match for the contrabass flute. Ned’s genius is evident through the hauntingly beautiful tonal colors, fabulous flutter tonguing, sharp virtuosic extended techniques, and masterful breath control. The fact that he plays his own works so brilliantly is sure to capture the attention of musicians everywhere. Ned’s creative energy and technical brilliance pushes the limits of what is possible and he surely raises awareness of the tonal ranges previously unknown on the contrabass flute."
   Dionne Jackson

I am so honored to have my "Winter's Breath" for contrabass flute recorded by the phenomenal Ned McGowan! Everyone, go out and get this fabulous CD, "The Art of the Contrabass Flute".”
   Adrienne Albert


All contrabass flute parts performed by Ned McGowan. Mridangam on ‘Benson Town’ performed by B.C. Manjunath Piano on ‘Winter’s Breath’ performed by Keiko Shichijo

All works composed by Ned McGowan, except ‘Winter’s Breath’ by Adrienne Albert Scores are available at donemus.nl, adriennealbert.com and fluteworld.com and Benson Town, co-composed by Ned McGowan and B.C. Manjunath.


Produced by Ned McGowan & Bas Bouma 

‘Benson Town’ recorded by Pramath Kiran at Laya Digi, Bangalore, India

‘Earthly Chants’ and ‘Wurgelguik’ recorded by Bas Bouma & Arjan de Wit at Room Service Music, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

‘Winter’s Breath’ recorded by Micha de Kanter at Splendor Amsterdam, the Netherlands Mastered by Matthijs Ruijter at BK Audio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Cover photos by Michel Marang, artwork by Susanna Borsch & Bas Bouma

Special thanks to:
Keiko, Manju, Bas, Jelle, Susanna, Arjan,
Matthijs, Micha, Pramath, Michel, Adrienne, Ivo, Kiyoharu, Calefax, Jorge, my family, teachers, colleagues, students and also to Liefhebber and those who supported the creation of this recording