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"Combining acoustic instruments with machine sounds is nothing new, of course, but the composer's treatment of mechanistic noises is like a Tinguely sculpture in its sensitivity and humor." - Guy Livingston, Paris Transatlantic


  • Summer news 2015 Dear friends, I hope you are enjoying a nice summer this year with some beautiful weather and relaxed times!

    Here are some events I’d like to invite you to, plus a video and a radio show from last season.

    Big best,


    Ned is part of a pilot where composers present themselves for commissions of private individuals. The launch is in the Skysuites The Penthouse, De Haagse Toren, June 26th.
  • Composing Rhythm: Ned McGowan

    American Highways, by Guy Livingston, featured Ned in an episode about rhythm, wild and subtle compositions.

    Available as stream via the Concert Zender and podcast via iTunes.
  • Donemus now publishing works

    I am happy to announce that Donemus Publishing is now the exclusive publisher of all my works.

    Scores and parts for all solo, chamber music and orchestra pieces are for purchase or rent via their website and distributers over the whole world.

    For more info visit the Donemus website or write me.

  • Alumni Achievement Award

    Ned McGowan received the Alumni Achievement Award from the Cleveland Institute of Music. In May '14 he received the award during the commencement ceremonies.

  • TEDx talk

    Digital music at your fingertips: Ned McGowan & Susanna Borsch at the TEDx Tilburg University.