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"Combining acoustic instruments with machine sounds is nothing new, of course, but the composer's treatment of mechanistic noises is like a Tinguely sculpture in its sensitivity and humor." - Guy Livingston, Paris Transatlantic


  • June 24 2017
    Garden of Iniquitous Creatures Eighth Blackbird will be performing Garden of Iniquitous Creatures at the end concert of their Creative Lab

    Besant Hill School
    Ojai, CA, United States
  • July 2 2017
    Cleveland Times Performance by Julien Beaudiment

    Australian Flute Festival, Gala Concert

    Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
    Brisbane, AUS
  • August 10 2017
    Workshop Performance by Mary Kay Fink

    45th Annual National Flute Association Convention

    Minneapolis Convention Center
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • August 17 2017
    Ned performs solo recital Ned performs solo recital

    The 18th Japan Flute Convention 2017

    Showa University of Music
    Kawasaki, Japan
  • February 11 2018
    Rickshaw Zip Performed by Ilonka Kolthof & Anne Veinberg 

    Nieuwe Noten - Flutes

    De Ruimte
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands